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About Our Clinic

  • From Root Canal Treatment to Smile Designing.all services under one roof!
  • Located in the heart of Delhi, in an easy to reach and accessible location, Dentedge has been successfully serving patients for more than 10 years. The clinic is equipped with modern facilities and the latest technologies. Our team of leading dentistry professionals provides our local and international patients with the highest standards of care, by providing a wide range of treatment options.

What makes our dental tourism service best from the rest?

Dental care in developed countries can be expensive, thereby tourists seek dental care in less developed countries to save money. Owing to the low-cost oral treatment and care, dental tourism is gaining popularity today. Dentedge distinguishes itself by providing carefully designed dental tourism packages that match your budget and meet your desired dental health.

Our dental tourism package includes both the dental treatment and local tourism, thereby allowing our patients to reap the most out of their visit. We have meticulously designed our dental tourism package while collaborating with leading travel agencies in Delhi.

To give you a clear insight we have brought you a cost comparison between the dental treatment procedures between the USA and India.

Dental Procedures Cost in the USA (in $) Cost in India (in $)
Smile designing 5000-6000 $ 1000 $
Dental Fillings 300-400 $ 20-40 $
Dentures 3000 $ 500n $
Dental implants 2000-3500 $ 800 $
Root canal treatment 3000 $ 150-200 $
Tooth whitening 350 -800 $ 110 $
Tooth cleaning 100-300 $ 75 $

Delhi Tour Packages

  • The National Capital, New Delhi is a culturally rich city with an abundance of monuments and historical sites. Tourism has flourished through years in the city as well as the nearby places. We are enlisting here the best of our tour package for New Delhi and the areas nearby that you can enjoy:

DELHI & AGRA Taj Mahal Sightseeing Tour

2 Nights

Delhi (1N) Agra (1N)

Mesmerizing Manali including Delhi Stay

3 Nights

Manali (2N) to Delhi Bus (1N)

Golden Triangle Tour: Jaipur, Delhi & Agra

3 Nights

Delhi (1N) to Agra (1N) to Jaipur (1N)

Super Saver Delhi and Shimla

4 Nights

Delhi (1N) to Shimla (2N)

Charms of Rishikesh, Varanasi, Haridwar & More

5 Nights

Varanasi (2N) to Haridwar (1N) to Rishikesh (1N) to Delhi (1N)

Why Us?


World-class Dental Services

A 21st-century dental clinic that offers a welcoming and clean environment for patients. We strive hard to give them the very best experience in dental treatments. We are committed to offering world-class care for all your dental requirements.


Pocket-friendly Fees

We offer standard dental services at prices that won’t feel heavy on your pockets. Our patient-oriented dental team works together with patients t come up with better dental health decisions.


Trusted by patients worldwide

A chance to lead a healthy life is everyone’s right. We are open to taking up the most critical medical cases in order to give the patient a fighting chance. We offer hope, through the best treatment options available.